Fire Damage 101

Fire Restoration: Fire Damage 101

Fire Damage 101: Fire Restoration

You may be anxious to clean your home after a fire. But, unless you take the time to get professional advice you may be wasting your efforts or creating further damage. Here is some Fire Damage 101: Contact your insurance agency immediately once the fire is out.

Your insurance provider can give advice on restoration or replacement of damaged items. If you rent, notify the owner so both of you can assess the damage. Your insurance agent may be able to recommend a professional fire restorer such as MOD Water & Fire Restoration.

Our fire restoration team can provide hints to prevent further damage, help determine which items can or cannot be refurbished, and provide estimates and services for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing your home.

Repairing Smoke Damage to Walls

With fires there will always be a degree of smoke damage to your walls, wall paper and paint. If the smoke damage is not too serious, you should be able to scrub it clean with detergents and bleach.

Repairing Flooring & Carpet

There is an abundance of water that is involved in putting out a fire, and your floors and carpets will end up absorbing the worst of it. It’s definitely recommended that you pull up any carpets that have water damage to replace them.

Water can also flow underneath your flooring, and into cracks of hard wood. If you have experience with flooring, you can lift it up and clean under them, but please call a professional Fire Damage Restoration company to assist you.

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  1. Used for my fire damage and we couldn’t be happier, it did take about 6 months to get through insurance and repairs, but we couldn’t have asked for more friendlier or experienced contractors to help our family get back on track. Thanks again.

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